With the Supremum fund you invest in innovative computer-based investment strategies

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Algorithm-based investment strategy as the key to above-average performance

Today, modern technology enables us to precisely analyze the data volumes of the international financial markets that have grown over decades and to react to current market and price developments in a matter of seconds.

Unlike humans, algorithms know no emotion and can process large volumes of data in a short time and react to the insights gained in mere fractions of a second. This is a clear competitive advantage. That is why the Supremum Fund consistently relies on algorithm-based trading.

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This is why you should choose the Supremum Fund

The portfolio of the Supremum Fund is designed conservatively. Investments are made in liquid stocks with a market capitalization of at least 5 billion and diversified into up to 100 positions.
Through the consistent use of algorithm-based trading, a competitive advantage is achieved that enables above-average performance despite safety-oriented portfolio construction.
Our Supremum fee structure is based on your success as an investor. The performance component only kicks in when our return exceeds the benchmark index. In this way, we offer maximum transparency and fairness.
The North American market, with its modern data infrastructure and high liquidity, offers optimal conditions for computer-based trading, and is therefore our primary trading venue.
Supremum fund uses sound scientific results from econometrics, statistics, as well as machine learning to identify patterns in financial market data and exploit them at the right time.
Interested investors can contact us at any time to learn more about the fund and the investment strategy. Simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you.

Our initiators

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kuhle

Wolfgang Kuhle works on macroeconomic equilibrium models, Bayesian game theory, and financial markets/asset pricing. He followed his diploma in economics from the Free University of Berlin with a PhD in economics and mathematics from the University of Mannheim.

After positions at the Max Planck Institute in Bonn and the University of Economics in Prague, he currently teaches at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. At Supremum Investments he is responsible for research and development.

Dr. Markus Knopf

Markus Knopf works on differential geometry and fully integrable Hamiltonian systems. His diploma was followed by a PhD in mathematics at the University of Mannheim.

As a serial entrepreneur for over 15 years, he has been involved in several companies – including IBT Group, a global F&B distribution company with locations in Germany, Poland and Malaysia. At Supremum Investments he is the Managing Director and responsible for implementation, development as well as sales.

Supremum fund details

The Supremum Fund is an open-ended equity fund (UCITS-compliant, UCITS special fund) that invests in U.S. stocks and focuses on liquid stocks of traditional companies. In contrast to the classic fund, however, the selection process of the securities is done algorithm-based.
The North American market, with its modern data infrastructure, high liquidity, and a large number of large- and mega-caps, offers optimal conditions for computer-aided trading, and is therefore our primary trading venue.
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  • Issue surcharge:
    up to 5%
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    0,00€ As of: 18.04.2024, unit class R
  • Investment Advisory: Supremum Investments GmbH
  • Liability umbrella: BN & Partners Capital AG
  • Management Company: IPConcept (Luxembourg) S.A.
  • Depositary: DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. (Frankfurt am Main Branch)
  • End of financial year: 30.06.
  • Use of income: Accumulating
  • Benchmark index: MSCI USA Net Total Return Index

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